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Our Top 5 Places to Eat in Leeds

Best restaurants in Leeds City centre

Step into Leeds, the pulsing heart of West Yorkshire, and you’re greeted with more than just its historic charm. Leeds is a city bristling with gastronomic adventure, beckoning food lovers to discover its best restaurants.

From cozy nooks perfect for a casual dinner to lavish settings that redefine fine dining, Leeds doesn’t hold back. Craving a classic dish with a cheeky twist? Or maybe seeking that romantic corner for date night? Or perhaps, it’s one of those days where you just want to treat your taste buds? Trust Leeds to serve up just the right spot for every culinary whim.

Best Restaurants and Fine Dining

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Ox Club at Headrow House

Located on York Street, near the bustling Leeds city centre, Ox Club is a firm favourite among locals and visitors alike. With a delectable menu curated by local chefs, this dining room boasts dishes cooked on a solid fuel grill. Seafood linguine, wild mushrooms paired with pine nuts, and generous portions of meats sourced from local suppliers are just some of the highlights. Got a thing for craft beers? Well, you’re in for a treat. The restaurant boasts a beer list that’ll make any enthusiast’s heart skip a beat. So, when the workday’s done and you’re looking after work drinks or a special occasion, you know where to head.

Home Restaurant

A hidden gem nestled in the business district, Home Restaurant is where quality ingredients meet delectable menus. Offering a fantastic menu that changes seasonally, the kitchen serves dishes that showcase the best of local produce. From Sunday lunch to special occasions, this place exudes a casual yet elegant vibe. If you’re arriving via the Leeds train station, it’s just a short walk away, making it perfect for both locals and travellers.

Places to Eat in Leeds: Street Food and More

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Kirkgate Market

You haven’t truly experienced Leeds until you’ve meandered through the bustling lanes of Kirkgate Market. Imagine the rich aroma of spices wafting through the air, leading you to mouth-watering Indian street food like spicy chilli paneer. But that’s not all; if you have a soft spot for Indian cuisine, you’re in luck. Tucked away within the market are some of the best Indian food to be discovered including the best Indian restaurants that serve up flavorful dishes on a budget, proving that great taste doesn’t always come with a hefty price tag.

Call Lane's Culinary Delights

Call Lane is the place to be for those who love a mix of cultures on their plate. From Indian restaurants to Japanese and Chinese restaurant options, this lane is a food lover’s paradise. Casual, yet offering incredible food, it’s perfect for those looking for a quick bite in the city centre.

Leeds Restaurants: Craft Beer and Casual Eats

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Corn Exchange specialities

Nestled within the grand walls of the Corn Exchange are some Leeds City Centre dining gems – if not West Yorkshire. Fancy a medley of small plates or perhaps an ever-evolving tasting menu? Maybe you’re just on the hunt for a chilled craft beer or some cheap eats? Here, the dishes dance with the seasons, ensuring a menu that’s always fresh and ever-inspiring with some of the most eclectic restaurants in Leeds city centre.

Chapel Allerton's Gastronomic Experience

Chapel Allerton, located in the north of Leeds, is a hub for food enthusiasts. From small cafes offering afternoon tea with a modern twist to restaurants serving dishes with the finest ingredients, this area is a must-visit. Don’t forget to try the seafood linguine at one of the finest restaurants or indulge in some traditional dishes and Indian street food.

Leeds is the perfect culinary delight

Whether you’re in the mood for some fine dining, want to indulge in the best restaurants offering a tasting menu, Sunday lunch or are simply looking for places to eat that offer great food without burning a hole in your pocket, Leeds has it all. The next time you find yourself in West Yorkshire, make sure to embark on a gastronomic journey in Leeds.

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