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United Kingdom

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o2 academy leeds exterior

O2 Academy Leeds — the UK’s Favourite Venue

Whilst there are many live music venues in West Yorkshire, the O2 Academy Leeds stands as one of the premier establishments in the city centre. Having hosted events that propelled little-known acts to worldwide household names, the 19th century entertainment venue has a detailed and lengthy history.

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kirkstall abbey, historic sites in leeds

4 Amazing Historic Sites in Leeds

The city of Leeds offers a wide variety of historical sites that chronicles its evolution through the ages. From ancient abbeys to opulent Victorian edifices and museums showcasing items of interest, Leeds’ history is truly colourful.

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leeds pride

Leeds Pride Events UK 2024

As one of the most attended dates in the Leeds calendar, Pride marks the largest annual coming-together of people in Leeds City Centre, with various parades taking place all over the country during the summer months.

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