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18 Amazing Things to Do in Whitby for a Memorable Trip

The seaside town located in North Yorkshire along the coast, presents many exciting activities to engage with and sights to see, making it an ideal location for those seeking things to do in Whitby. Visit Whitby Abbey’s renowned features. Tuck into some fresh fish & chips. Or unearth Bram Stoker’s Dracula connection – whatever activity you desire, this stunning town is bound offer something special.

Things to do in Whitby at a glance

  • Explore Whitby Abbey, North York Moors National Park and Captain Cook Memorial Museum for a memorable trip.

  • Indulge in local cuisine at popular spots or stroll along the beaches of Whitby.

  • Discover Dracula’s connection to the town, take a heritage steam train journey, explore Pannett Art Gallery and get active with outdoor adventures.

Discover the Charm of Whitby Abbey

whitby abbey

Whitby Abbey is situated atop the East Cliff of Whitby, making it an absolute must-see spot on any visit to this beautiful seaside town. The 13th century Gothic ruin contains a long history that began with a monastery being founded in the 7th century before being disbanded following Danish raids during the 9th Century and later dissolved by King Henry VIII in 1540s. 

With 199 steps leading up to its entrance, visitors will be met with breathtaking views across Whitby’s harbor as they appreciate both this remarkable site and nearby St Mary’s Church, well worth visiting for anyone exploring what’s here. Visitors can enjoy activities from historical overview tours all through family friendly events offered by Whitbys abbey. A truly unforgettable experience when touring around one of England’s most stunning seaport towns!

north yorkshire moor

Embrace the Beauty of North York Moors National Park

For those visiting Whitby, the North York Moors National Park should not be missed. This remarkable landscape includes heather-covered moorland, old forests and quaint villages that are a perfect place for wildlife lovers or history fans to explore. Egton Bridge, Glaisdale and Beck Hole each offer an individual charm as well as attractive scenery to admire while Ravenscar may provide the opportunity of witnessing seal pups during their breeding season periods.

Adrenaline seekers can leap off Larpool Viaduct with its bungee jumping event giving excellent views over both Whitby Abbey and River Esk whereas visitors preferring something gentler might prefer taking part in Captain Cook’s Experience from April through October via boat ride along the coast leaving harbour at Whitby heading towards Sandsend.

The delightful heritage steam train journey on The North Yorkshire Moors Railway is also noteworthy because it passes through fabulous sceneries all year round plus offers extra special events like 60s Fest and any other seasonal festivities such Railway in Wartime celebration or Pullman Dining Train experience granting travellers even more memorable moments of beauty within this most inviting national park which makes exploring North York Moors region integral when staying nearby Whtiby area.

Immerse Yourself in Maritime History at Captain Cook Memorial Museum

Whitby is a picturesque seaside town with an impressive maritime heritage and, perhaps most famously of all, the celebrated British explorer Captain James Cook. To discover more about this renowned figure’s life in Whitby visit The Captain Cook Memorial Museum, situated on the very same property where he was once apprenticed as a young man. Whitby is twinned with many towns and cities throughout the world such as Kauai County, Hawaii, United States or Whitby, Canada as a result of Captain Cook’s travels.

This museum allows you to explore his story While also admiring its magnificently restored rooms such as 17th-century kitchen replica. Located near The Whale Bone Arch on West Cliff stands a bronze statue of Captian cook which pays tribute to the seafaring history associated with Whitby making it yet another irresistible draw for anyone visiting this charming coastal spot!

Indulge in Whitby's Delicious Fish and Chips

fish and chips

When you visit Whitby, make sure to indulge in its renowned fish and chips. You will find plenty of places to satisfy your cravings, from Magpie Cafe for battered cod, Quayside or Trenchers among many others. As you savor the classic British dish while walking along the beautiful shoreline of this seaside town , it is impossible not too appreciate all that it has to offer – especially when complemented by a side order from Fortune’s Kippers Smokehouse & Shop! This traditional kipper house delivers an authentic taste of what local gastronomy can be like here at this picturesque location.

whitby beach

Stroll Along Whitby's Scenic Beaches

For those seeking a fun day out, Whitby’s West Cliff Beach offers the perfect atmosphere with its beach huts, children’s paddling pool and classic donkey rides. During summer months visitors can be found in droves constructing sandcastles and basking in the sunshine at this stunning seaside spot. Alternatively Tate Hill Beach is an equally charming yet more tranquil setting for strolling along nature-filled shores accompanied by beloved canine companions. No matter which option you go for. Both beaches offer spectacular scenery that captures why Whitby is so widely renowned as one of England’s most attractive destinations!

Uncover the Mystery of Dracula's Connection to Whitby

If you’re looking to experience Whitby’s spooky connection with Bram Stoker’s Dracula, join the town’s renowned Ghost Walk. The guides share tales of local folklore and dark history while leading visitors through its winding 199 steps that were described in the book – they even offer an interesting look at St Mary’s Churchyard! It truly is a thrilling addition to any stay here in this birthplace of one of literature’s most famous vampires.

From taking time for pictures by harbour or soaking up stories about creatures from beyond, there are plenty of opportunities during your visit to enjoy discovering how Whitby inspired vampire fiction over 130 years ago!

Experience the Nostalgia of North Yorkshire Moors Railway

Travel through time with the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, a steam-powered train tour that provides visitors to the National Park an opportunity to marvel at its natural beauty. Enjoy views of rolling hills carpeted in purple heather during summertime for an unforgettable experience and there’s even dining carriage available should you wish to enjoy your journey from a restaurant car.

This classic trip on this heritage railway is perfect if you’re into history or just looking for something special while exploring the majestic North Yorkshire Moors area – not forgetting all those committed rail fans out there! Don’t miss out on experiencing it first hand, step back in time aboard this nostalgic ride today!

Explore the Quaint Streets of Whitby's Old Town

Whitby is a beautiful seaside town with plenty of places to visit for travelers. Among the most captivating spots are its Old Town and historic pubs, offering narrow cobbled streets, unique shops, cafes and interesting local history that cannot be found elsewhere. Make sure you pay a visit to the remarkable Old Town Hall where there’s also an accompanying market square featuring stunning architecture, another gem worth exploring in Whitby! Visiting this place will definitely give you a delightful experience during your stay at this gorgeous coastal destination.

Take a Thrilling Boat Trip with Whitby Coastal Cruises

Whitby Harbour is the setting for a memorable experience with Whitby Coastal Cruises. This is the largest provider of pleasure trips in this North Yorkshire town, and they offer thrilling boat rides that take you to exciting destinations along the beautiful coastline. Whether it be whale watching or just taking advantage of witnessing spectacular sunsets from their vessels – Summer Queen, Esk Belle III and Dash II – people will discover something truly special when exploring all that the coast has to offer. From sailing around wonderful areas throughout North Yorkshire such as Robin Hood’s Bay up to Boulmer Beach near Alnwick on England’s east side. There are numerous reasons why coastal cruises out of Whitby should not be missed!

Delve into Whitby's Rich Jet Heritage

The unique town of Whitby is renowned for its long-established connection with jet jewellery, and visitors can discover more about this legacy at the Museum of Whitby Jet. Here you will be able to find out all there is to know about the delicate process involved in making these precious accessories – a tradition that has been alive in both time and culture here for centuries.

For those looking to take home a tangible part of this proud history,Whitby provides numerous shops specialising specifically in whitby jet items. So why not come by on your visit and pick up an exquisite handmade piece? With such options available, it’s easy to own some stunning souvenirs celebrating one’s journey through rich heritage found only within this remarkable coastal destination.

Enjoy Family Fun at Mini Monsterz Indoor Play Centre

Ensure to make the most of Mini Monsterz with your family and explore a variety of exciting activities it has, such as laser tag, soft play area and a climbing wall. It is an indoor amusement center that will offer endless hours of fun for kids, perfect destination for great laughs!

Relax in the Serenity of Pannett Park

Nestled in the center of Whitby, you’ll find Pannett Park, a tranquil sanctuary for those seeking moments of solace. Take advantage and take an unhurried walk through its grounds or have your fill at a peaceful picnic here!

Discovering what this picturesque park has to offer goes beyond that as it is home to both the Whitby Museum and Art Gallery showcasing outstanding pieces of art from which one can learn about the rich history, culture and splendour associated with Whitby itself. You won’t be disappointed when exploring all that these two unique attractions possess within Pannett Park’s walls!

Experience Whitby's Haunted History on a Ghost Walk

For a truly spooky experience, come to Whitby and embark on a ghost walk. Fascinating guides will recount terrifying legends linked to the town as you explore its past. With stories of apparitions at the abbey and tales about mysterious creatures in olden streets, visitors are sure get chills running down their spine! Such an exciting journey is just what those craving for something special need during their stay here. As your adventure into historical horror continues, let yourself be awestruck by all that you discover – it’s guaranteed that not one moment of this unforgettable exploration would disappoint!

Savor Local Brews at Whitby Brewery

Whitby Brewery, which was created in 2013 and is located beneath Whitby’s celebrated Abbey, provides guests with the chance to relish local craft beer flavors while also appreciating the spectacular sights of its harbor. Built by nearby artisans, it includes tours that explore both brewing methods as well as information on this town’s rich history of making beers. Not just stopping there, visitors are delighted when checking out its selection of wonderful ales plus entertaining live music events have become a regular part of their fun experience too!

Admire the Artistic Treasures at Pannett Art Gallery

The Pannett Art Gallery, tucked away in tranquil Pannett Park, exhibits amazing 19th and 20th century works from the Staithes Group of Artists as well as pieces of The Weatherill Collection. This gallery is an awesome find for art lovers who take a short stroll from Whitby’s bustling downtown – it truly stands out with its display of noteworthy local painters such as William Morris, John Atkinson Grimshaw and Frank Bramley to name but a few. With this beautiful collection on view you can certainly appreciate these artists’ skillset and inspiration! Such an artistic gem should not be overlooked. No matter if you are just looking around or considering each piece closely –it’s well worth your time!

Discover the Wonders of the North Yorkshire Coast

Whitby’s stunning coastline is just a small glimpse of the majestic beauty that North Yorkshire Coast has to offer. Close by, visitors can experience an enriching excursion and enjoy more exquisite views in locations such as Robin Hood’s Bay, Staithes and Runswick Bay. Each town boasts its own remarkable charm complete with fascinating history plus mesmerizing vistas – making them must-see attractions during your visit to Whitby.

Just six miles away from Whitby lies the charming village of Robin Hood’s Bay providing holiday makers sandy beaches, narrow streets along with plenty eateries and pubs all ready for exploration! Whereas northwards one will find Staithes which boats glorious harbours alongside flourishing art galleries adding extra layers of cultural life into this vibrant fishing village.

Heading Towards the coast is Runswick bay. Here you have beautiful golden sands sheltered within a tranquil cove perfect for swimming or simply taking relaxing strolls overlooking across The North Sea. Exploring around these parts unveils many hidden wonders enabling it incredible picturesque area right there on England’s most bewitching region: The Yorkshire Coast

Get Active with Outdoor Adventures

For those who enjoy physical activities, Whitby and the nearby region offer a multitude of thrilling outdoor adventures. Whether you’d like to ride your bike across North Yorkshire’s shores or try surfing on one of Whitby Beach’s waves, there is something for everyone regardless their age and preferences!

To cycling and catching some swell, visitors can also explore shoreline fossils around this beautiful coastal city in Northern England. With its endless recreational options set against stunning scenery along North Yorkshire Coast, it comes as no surprise that so many seek out an adventure in Whitby!

Learn about Whitby's Whaling Past at the Whale Bone Arch

Standing on Whitby’s West Cliff is an iconic landmark built from real whale bones, the Whale Bone Arch. Its construction in 1853 serves as a reminder of the town’s past whaling industry and marks its vital maritime history.

Viewing this historic symbol offers visitors splendid vistas over Whitby and its harbour, so take your time to soak up both their beauty and historical importance for a meaningful experience here!


Whitby, a delightful coastal spot in North Yorkshire, is full of brilliant activities for people from any background or age. From climbing the well-known Whitby Abbey to learning about its spooky stories and indulging into some fantastic fish and chips with a view at the harbor. Whitby surely offers something that everyone can enjoy! With captivating vistas, deep heritage as well as warm hospitality , it’s clear why this quaint seaside town on The Yorkshire Coast should be part of your next journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Spend a day in Whitby to get acquainted with the historic town and its sights, including visiting Whitby Abbey ruins. Admiring 199 Steps, St Mary’s Church, as well as the harbour. Viewing interesting artifacts at the Museum of Victorian Science or taking some time out for tea at Falling Foss Tea Garden & Waterfall. Don’t forget about taking in wonderful views from Sandsend Beach too!

Whitby, a charming seaside town found on the Yorkshire Coastline is renowned for its picturesque harbour and tall cliffs reaching up to 660 feet. Perfect for shopping Whitby Jet or tucking into some yummy fish & chips, visiting this unique destination will undoubtedly make memories to last forever!

Whitby’s West Side is a peaceful haven, boasting quaint yards, classic fishermen’s cottages and Georgian townhouses. Those looking for relaxation amidst the tranquillity can find all they need here without having to deal with the hustle and bustle of Whitby Harbour.

Whitby is well-known for its beautiful harbour, breathtaking views from the clifftops and historic abbey ruins. It also has a special connection to Bram Stoker’s Dracula novel and Captain James Cook who visited here. Tourists can visit The Captain Cook Memorial Museum dedicated to Whitby’s whaling tradition. Savour some of Britain’s top fish ‘n’ chips. Or take part in an enjoyable tour themed onStoker’s book about Dracula set there, all of which make this town unique!

For an optimal visit, going to Whitby Abbey in the summertime is recommended for its pleasant temperatures and extended daytime hours.

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